YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit Girl Groups

YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit Girl Groups

YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit

Welcome to my comparison on YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit Girl Groups by no means, please no fan wars.

YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit.jpg

I personally think that K-Pop fused a lot the elements of hip-hop music to their music. So we are going to look over the big 4 company, YG, SM, JYP and BigHit. Firstly I am a huge fan of YG Entertainment, could be seen on how I admire G-Dragon, MINO and even their former artist like Park Bom. So, on this YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit we are going to look upon their groups, sub-units and solo artists.


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YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit Girl Groups 


For the girl’s groups that debuted in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there are groups from YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment. From SM Entertainment there is S.E.S. while YG Entertainment got 2 groups, Swi T and Big Mama. Swi T is more like 2NE1’s style, while Big Mama is more into a singing group.

Clearly, with Swi T you could see the futuristic theme that you could see in 2NE1’s Fire. There are more bold colours in YG girl groups, while S.E.S has more toned-down colour.



Second Generation Groups 

Back in 2006, JYP has their girl group Wonder Girls while in 2007 SNSD debuted through SM Entertainment and following 2009 groups like 2NE1 and f(x) were also debuted. Here the fandoms start to get crazier. Because of the usage of the internet. In 2010, K-Pop starts to find its ground so JYP has another group, Miss A while BigHit has their first-ever group, GLAM. GLAMS was actually had the same vibes with BTS’s older vibes, but they were disbanded due to a scandal caused by 2 of the members.

With Wonder Girls, I got the vibes of retro feels, while SNSD I got the feminine sides, although through the years later SNSD also following the girl crush concepts. 2NE1 went straight for the girl crush concept, so does with f(x).

YG was known to be a company that doesn’t care about looks, however, I think every woman is pretty as awesome as they are.  YG opted for singers that able to bring the American vibes, and ‘swag’.





Third Generation

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are considered as the third generation groups. Still, YG is strong at their at girl crush concepts, YG Entertainment is really strong at their rappers position. With BLACKPINK YG tries to put a lot of efforts on dancing too, RED VELVET’s concepts are unique, sometimes they have a girl crush concept, sometimes they don’t.

JYP has TWICE and ITZY, both have different styles, ITZY has more a girl crush concepts, while TWICE opted for a cute image. Clearly, the competition is really tight for the girl groups industry in K-Pop music.



JYP Entertainment

There you go, those are the girl groups from the Big 4 companies, YG vs SM vs JYP vs BigHit Girl Groups. I thought to mix the boy groups will make it too long to read, so I will put out the boy groups soon.

But one thing for sure, YG Entertainment is still focusing on hip-hop genre, something that it’s part of YG Family roots. Their sounds are more into Western music, while the other 3 sometimes opt for a cute version of girl groups, but they are all nice. Girl crush concepts are currently huge in South Korea, so it’s normal to see all these girl crush concepts are now on TV.

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