Late Registration (2005)

Late Registration (2005)

Late Registration

Late Registration (2005).jpg

Late Registration is Kanye West second album after The College Dropout, I have to admit that some of the songs appeared on Late Registration are still legit up to these days, for example, Gold Digger, Touch the Sky and Heard ‘Em Say.

Kanye is genius, he could combine all the musical instrument became one and creating a dope musical beats. Kanye West himself is actually experimenting with the hip-hop genre with all his music. I found some the songs from Late Registration is about love, from the sincere one to the opposite.


Firstly Wake Up Mr West is a classic Kanye West song, despite I was only primary one when this album is out. As I grow older I discovered that hip-hop music is not all about swag or money, but it’s all about feelings too.

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Heard ‘Em Say featuring Adam Levine is my favourite song from Late Registration, I guess it was a nice sweet song. And again actually Kanye also mentioned Jesus on the lyrics of Heard ‘Em Say and again it could be parallel to the album Jesus is King, it goes like this;

And Gran keep praying and keep believing
In Jesus, and one day that you see him
‘Til then walk in his footsteps and try to be him
The devil is alive I feel him breathin

Touch the Sky is my second favourite song from this Late Registration. Gold Digger is probably one of Kanye’s best tracks. The song also featured some supermodels like Miranda Kerr on the music video. But I mean Gold Digger is such relatable song these days.

I was amazed by how Kanye wrote a song about Blood Diamond on the track Diamonds From Sierra Leone. Blood Diamond is a crucial business that girls and people around the world need to understand. People are dying and kids are forced to work to find diamonds. The results of these diamonds are being used to support the ongoing civil war. This is the reason on why we all need to have certificate for the diamonds.

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