Masionde M8 | 2019

Masionde M8 Review

Masionde M8 Review


Maisonde M8.jpg

Another Japanese hip-hop collective that surprised me is Maisonde, they have the album M8 that released back in April 2019. I really love it, thanks to the interview by Hip Hop DNA in Japanese. So if you understand Japanese feel free to watch the interview with Maisonde.

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I previously have stated that I took a music class, and it’s pretty much saying that Japanese hip-hop is solely offered the most authentic music in Asia. Merely because they are pretty genuine with their life struggle. I personally love M8 album, I think M8 offers hype songs that could be your favourite if you are a fan of rap collective such as A$AP, BAD HOP and Brockhampton. Maisonde themselves signed to P-Vine records which is the house for rap collective such as Kandytown.

Maisonde from P-VINE

As I said rap songs are mostly about how life-changing it is by working hard, and I think Maisonde really portrayed that well in We Came From Nothing. Hip-hop music is also solely based on the hustle life which I think it was packed well in M8 album.

I think the track N.O.D.A from M8 is really cool as well, despite me not understanding Japanese at all. Most of the songs in M8 are trap hip-hop, so I think it is something that really is at the moment. Cigarette is my other favourite track from the album M8.

And not to forget, Maisonde also provided an emo song in M8 album on the track Alone and Bigger Than Life, I really love Bigger Than Life.

So the tracks that you need to check by Maisonde in M8 album are : We Came From Nothing, N.O.D.A, Cigarette and Bigger Than Life.  Let us know what do you think about Maisonde’s M8.



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