Kanye West YEEZUS |2013

Kanye West YEEZUS

YEEZUS – Kanye West

Kanye West Yeezus.jpg

Yeezus album by Kanye West is probably sounded unique, I would say that Kanye West is really good at making beats. Kanye West also really good at sampling his beats. I would say that I may not be liking the whole songs on Yeezus, but there are 2 tracks that actually catching my ears.


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Clearly the track I Am a God, New Slaws, Bound 2 and Guilt Trip. Let’s go to I Am a God track that Kanye claimed to featured God in it. Let us not forget that Yeezus seems to be Kanye+Jesus. It’s a total opposite from his recent Jesus Is King, where Kanye said he finally found his own way after lost. But I think Kanye West himself is a twisted person with big personality, that’s why I would say that My Dark Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the perfect album for Kanye.

But I think the most interesting track from Yeesuz is I Am a God, fairly because it seems that Kanye had a conversation along with God. So there is this 2 perspective between God and Kanye. I found it a bit confusing, interesting at the same time.

I actually love Bound 2, I mean that’s the time where Kanye meets his love life, Kim K. I would say Kim K influenced Kanye a lot, or maybe Kanye influenced by the Kardashian. But I think it’s about his love story with her.

Overall, I know that Yeezus is a 6-year-old album, but let me know what do you think about Yeezus and what’s your favourite song from this album.


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