Kanye West 808’s and Heartbreak | 2008

808’s and Heartbreak

808’s and Heartbreak

kanye west 808's and heartbreak.jpg

I know that some readers on this blog might be why I posted so many Kanye album, simply because I’ve heard his album for a long time, but at that time I have no blog yet that will help me to pour my mind of what I thought on hip-hop music.


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I simply amazed at how Kanye approach the idea of pop hip-hop and poetic hip-hop. I would say that 808’s and Heartbreak is an interesting album, I would say it is my favourite album besides Graduation, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Artists like Kid Cudi also present in this album.

On the track Say You Will, you could listen to a sample of heart rate monitor which I think is interesting. I think Kanye West has been this one of the venture of rap music that mixing hip-hop with other genres, and his audacity is actually making Kanye one of the most reputable artist despite how annoying he is.

But I have to say that Kanye is really an interesting artist, 2008-2009 is really the year of Kanye West. In 2009 Kanye also collaborated with the Japanese hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz Serious Japanese, for the track, I Still Love H.E.R. and whose influence could be seen on 808’s and Heartbreak in the video Welcome to Heartbreak.

When 808’s and Heartbreak released I was back in primary 4, and I was introduced to Kanye’s songs when I was in my early high school. I think in general 808’s and Heartbreak is about the heartbreak that Kanye experienced. It could be heard on the track Heartless.

In this 808’s and Heartbreak, I am loving the tracks See You in My Nightmares, Welcome to Heartbreak, Heartless and Coldest Winter. What do you think about the 808’s and Heartbreak in your opinion? Check out on our YE, YEEZUS, Jesus is King, Kids See Ghosts and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album review too.

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