Brown Eyed Girls are going to have their comeback through RE_vive, the album. This comeback is literally the Revive of Brown Eyed Girls.

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I have listened to some of the snippets of the album RE_vive. As according to Allkpop, numerous artists including JYP, Uhm Jung Hwa and Yoon Jong Shin participated in writing the songs.

JeAMiryoNarsha, and Gain showcased their different side. Since their debut back in 2006, 2019 is their first comeback since 2015. The fact that they are still part of the industry is really amazed me. They are in their 30s now, but I think it shows people that you can be a girl group and compete with younger girls now.

I think Asia has the mindset that you can’t have fun right after you turned 30. but I think it is the opposite. I think I love this RE_vive album, I think it showcased Brown Eyed Girls fierce sides. I think it’s amazing that Brown Eyed Girls also showing their fierce side not just their sexy sides.

I really love the track Abandoned, it was between this powerful ballad, but Miryo added her rap parts and it’s even more charming. I personally love the track called A Common Love Story from Re_vive by Brown Eyed Girls, but overall I think this Re_vive comeback is totally worth it. First Brown Eyed Girls able to show a different side and second it’s just a proof that hiatus does not mean disbandment.

Wonder Woman from Re_VIVE is also very interesting, 2019 is all about women empowerment, and the fact that they used drag queens on the music video it’s even interesting and I do love drag queens as well! Let me know what do you think about this RE_VIVE comeback.

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