Purpose Taeyeon | 2019

Purpose Taeyeon | 2019

Purpose Taeyeon

Purpose (Taeyeon album).png

Taeyeon’s Purpose is finally out, it is her second album and it consists of 10 tracks that you need to check out. Taeyeon finally released her music video for Spark, which is part of her second album, Purpose after there is a delay. But to be fair, the delay was not as bad as Jesus is King delay.


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Firstly, Taeyeon’s Purpose is mostly ballad songs, but I think she clearly showing a lot of character as the main vocalist of SNSD. In 2019, a bunch of main vocalists in K-Pop doing a comeback including Park Bom and Taeyeon.

Out of 10 tracks in Purpose, I love two of her songs, LOL, Gravity and WINE. Spark was actually amazing, and it really fits Taeyeon’s voice, especially in this Purpose comeback, however, it seems that ballad was not my style of music. But I still think that Purpose album by Taeyeon is still amazing.

I think the album Purpose has a lot of deep emotion inside each song, and I think every song on this album shared a different mood. I think the layout of the songs is perfect, so congratulations Taeyeon for the release.

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. “Here I Am” Jo Yoon-Kyung
  • Matthew Tishler
  • Allison Kaplan
Matthew Tishler 3:24
2. “Spark” (불티; Bul-tee) Kenzie
3. “Find Me” Moon Hye-min
  • Mike Daley
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Bianca ‘Blush’ Atterberry
  • Mike Daley
  • Mitchell Owens
4. “Love You Like Crazy” Kenzie
  • Kenzie
  • LDN Noise
  • LDN Noise
  • Kenzie
5. “LOL” (하하하; Hahaha)
  • ron
  • Kang Eun-jung
  • dress
  • glowingdog
  • Kriz
  • 아신애
  • dress
  • glowingdog
6. “Better Babe” Kim Bu-min
  • Hitchhiker
  • Luke R Foley
  • Dan Whittemore
  • Allison Victoria Pincsak
Hitchhiker 4:11
7. “Wine” Jo Yoon-Kyung
  • Robin Gosh
  • Krysta Youngs
  • Kim Viera
  • David Quinones
Robin Gosh 3:57
8. “Do You Love Me?” Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree) Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree) Lee Joo-hyoung (MonoTree) 4:08
9. “City Love” Ji Yu-ri (Jam Factory)
  • Mike Daley
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Christine ‘Mickey Blue’ Gallagher
  • Realmeee
  • Mike Daley
  • Mitchell Owens
10. “Gravity”
  • JQ
  • Moon Ye-rin(makeumine works)
  • Lance Shipp
  • Rachael Kennedy
  • Nathalia Marshall
  • Angel Lopez
  • Gilde Flores
  • Angel Lopez
  • Gilde Flores

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