Medical Top Team OST | 2013

Medical Top Team OST | 2013

Hi guys, I know that this drama was released a long time ago. However, I think this drama, Medical Top Team. Obviously, the drama itself was a bit awkward from the title, as you need to be super smart to be a doctor.

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Anyways, the real reason I checked out the snippets was because of Ju Ji Hoon, I personally a fan of him. I know that it might be a little weird that I just got into him these days, but let’s be honest his acting is really good.

Ju Ji Hoon.gif

Aside from Ju Ji Hoon, the reason why I’m checking up on Medical Top Team’s OSTs were actually not bad.

For some reason, the songs are not on Spotify, but I really do try to check up the songs that were part of Medical Top Team OST. For some reason, I am not that familiar with most of the singers except John Park! I personally think that most of the Medical Top Team OSTs are ballads, but I do have a feeling that South Korean is really loved R&B songs.

Overall, I think Medical Top Team OSTs are decent, check out the playlist. Don’t forget to check more on the OSTs links here.


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