D SMOKE the winner of Rhythm and Flow 2019, recently released Inglewood High an album that the title based from his neighbourhood. And I, even more, shook that D Smoke is the brother of SIR. I watched SIR when I was at Kendrick Lamar show, and I have to admit that SIR was probably the best concert opening act.

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Overall I think D Smoke embraced this idea of identity and originality which I think is really the DNA of hip-hop that I learned in my university class. If anyone asked me why would I enrolled in a hip-hop or music class because I am passionate about spreading love and understanding through music.

Obviously congratulations for D Smoke for the release of Inglewood High, it is his second album I believe and I really appreciate on how D Smoke has the plan on giving back to the community. In fact D Smoke used to be a teacher and graduated from UCLA.  Hence I could say that for all the youngster out there, even if you want to be a rapper, education do helps you to arrange the rhymes and all the poetic terms on your music.

In general, I think D Smoke is pretty genuine with his storytelling point of view. On Paper is the track from Inglewood High that I could see in Kendrick Lamar’s songs. I personally impressed with how D Smoke is really conscious of his community and his real-life experience. I think it is very interesting to see him rap in Spanish as well, and indeed he used to be a teacher in Inglewood High Scool.

To put shor I would suggest for people to listen to Inglewood High by D Smoke, I don’t have a particular favourite song because it was hard to choose one. But Inglewood High, the main track of this album is really cool

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