Gallant Sweet Insomnia | 2019

Gallant Sweet Insomnia

Gallant Sweet Insomnia

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Gallant recently released his album titled Sweet Insomnia. It’s a year since I made a post about Gallant in general, I know that the format of the blog has changed a lot, but I did it to improve the blog readers to understand better of the music them that I suggested.

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You might know Gallant from his collaboration with Eric Nam and Tablo from Epik High. Or it is just me that know Gallant from that particular collaboration, but his collaboration with A$AP Ferg was one of my favourites. As you might know that I am a fan of West and East collaborations, because why we can’t just be ‘together’ in music.

The song, Sweet Insomnia featuring 6black was probably my favourite from the album Sweet Insomnia. Although the track called Sweet Insomnia, the track was so calming, it reminds me of Beyoncé lines ‘You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare’. I personally think that 6black’s rap on the track Sweet Insomnia really complements Gallant’s voice. I love how Gallant placed his music in cool and chill vibes, the track Crimes was really cool as well.

I think in most of the songs in Gallant’s Sweet Insomnia you listen to a hint of ‘singin rap’ which I don’t think its a problem, in fact, I really love it. I think most of the songs in Sweet Insomnia is really decent. The track Paper Tulips was really nice as well. I think the songs in Sweet Insomnia are not only about its literal meaning ‘insomnia’, but also about love.

I personally think that Gallant was able to create emotional connections with the audience throughout the album, Sweet Insomnia. I found that the song Compromise ft Sabrina Claudio is a ‘break up’ song but it was not put in a sad packaging.

So my favourites are; Sweet Insomnia, Paper Tulips, Crimes and Céline.

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