Keshi Skeletons | 2019

Keshi Skeletons | 2019

Keshi Skeletons

keshi skeletons.jpg

Born as Casey Luong, he opted the stage name of Keshi. According to From the Intercom he is one of the artist that made his landmark on lo-fi hip-hop. I would totally recommend Keshi for those who are in love with Joji.

As in 2019, Keshi released his EP titled Skeletons, the EP Skeletons consist of 4 songs; Atlas Skeletons, Summer and Xoxosos. Most of them are chill hip-hop songs, with deep emotion. Sometimes I really into sad, emo songs that help me to regain my consciousness of my life.

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I think I mostly love the EP Skeletons by Keshi, most of the songs are under the time of 3 minutes and I am sure that you will not regret it by listening to Keshi’s Skeletons. I personally think that his voice is actually should be on Head in the Clouds. Or actually, I could imagine if Dean and Keshi would do a collaboration.

Based on my understanding of Skeletons, there are the feelings of separation of a young couple, there are some of the emotional connection of heartbroken, and it implies the sad, beautiful and tragic of young love. For the record, I am not that old. I think that Skeletons has the whole sad piece collective. Even the last track on Skeletons, Keshi wrote XOXOSOS which a title with 2 contradicting meaning, between love and ‘save our soul’.

Aside from Skeletons, Kenshi also just released a single titled Right Here. Overall, I would like to recommend Keshi for everyone!

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