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Back in 2018, Okinawan rapper, Awich released 2 separate EP, Heart and Beat. According to Vogue, Awich had a brief year of university before returning to Okinawa to pursue music. I did briefly made a post about her, here. I thought she is a cool rapper.

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Each EP, Heart and Beat got 4 songs, and I really think the EPs are very correlated to each other. I think personally that the EP Heart has a chill vibes compare to her other previous release, and both are in love-themed. My favourite songs from Heart EP by AWICH are Love Me Up, Fade Away and If She Cries. I think the EP Heart is not only showing AWICH’s ability to rap but also singing. Fade Away in HEART EP is in English, so it’s really perfect for the international fans.

If She Cries, from Heart EP by AWICH is contained more emotional feels, and that’s the reason why I love it. If Heart is an emotional EP, Beat is more a comeback song of AWICH as a strong woman. I would say that my favourite song from Beat is actually Long Way. Either way, I actually love both Awich’s Heart, Beat.

Let us know what do you think about the EPs of Heart, Beat by AWICH.



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