KANDYTOWN’s ADVISORY is now available, through all streaming platform. Some of you might notice that I am a fan of Japanese Hip Hop, and I think because they are really cool and swag. I personally love KANDYTOWN style that is very raw, and cool. In 2019 members like IO and Neetz released their solo album. And as on 23 October 2019, Kandytown released ADVISORY, the album ADVISORY consists of 12 songs, which Last Week as their main single. ADVISORY is also KANDYTOWN’s second album to date! They are going to have their tour and you could find more information on Jason Rodman website.

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I personally love KANDYTOWN because they have various characters and their music is total dope. The main single of ADVISORY, Last Week got a little touch of Japanese traditional instrument like Biwa. I think it is such a cool tone that added to the song. I think the music video is full of swag.

KANDYTOWN first track on HND has been released about a month ago, but I think what KANDYTOWN special is because I personally think they have something raw in their beats. HND in ADVISORY is influenced by 90 hip-hop beats, and I think it is very cool. Once again all the members of KANDYTOWN participate on this album.

My favourite songs from ADVISORY album are Last Week, Core, Take It, Imperial and Winelight. I personally think that ADVISORY has a lot of free spirit style of hip-hop, KANDYTOWN basically able to make amazing music from trap music to 90’s hip-hop inspired. I would totally recommend this album to you guys!

Let us know which of the song from ADVISORY by Kandytown is your favourite on the comment section!

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