mino p.o collaboration | 2019

mino p.o collaboration | 2019

mino p.o collaboration

MINO P.O collaboration.jpeg


mino p.o kyuhyun pat patMINO P.O collaboration is somewhat one of the most awaited collaborations on K POP industry. It’s due to their friendship and they used to trained together for Block B before MINO became part of WINNER and P.O with Block B.


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I am pretty sure that I have not put Pat Pat in into the blog, I mean I do love South Korean variety show, they are super entertaining. Kang’s Kitchen and New Journey to the West is my total jam back at home. What I do feel about the show is a true friendship.

Last time of Kang’s Kitchen 2, MINO from WINNER got to make the theme song, how great was that? Na PD is my total favourite, before New Journey To The West 3, I barely knew about Song Minho and his music.


The song Pat Pat is not only about fun, but MINO was able to collaborate with his bestie, P.O and obviously the collaboration with Kyuhyun from Super Junior excites the fans. The collaboration between big agencies is rarely happening.

Not to mention that Pat Pat collaboration is not the only collaboration that they did, but MINO also part of P.O’s song called Promise. The song Promis between P.O. and MINO is defining what a friend should be like. I personally love the song!

I think both, MINO and P.O. is such a best friend goal! Also New Journey to the West 7 is currently airing at TVN and hopefully they will do another song together.

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