jackie hill-perry crescendo | 2018

jackie hill-perry crescendo | 2018

jackie hill-perry crescendo

jackie hill perry crescendo.jpg

Today, I meet with my friend, and she just told me that she is going to Jackie Hill-Perry’s conference with TGC. About 2 months ago, I was enrolled in a class about sex and race, it was a difficult class for me to understand. On the same week, I discovered Jackie Hill-Perry on a video of Refinery29, which I think helps me to understand the whole situation. I really admired how Jackie Hill-Perry is a total open-minded person. In a way in this complicated world, Jackie Hill-Perry shared the gospel in a non-traditional way.


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It is very unconventional to share the gospel through what she did. I was amazed by how Jackie Hill-Perry found the restoration of her life through God, this blog is not about how should convert, but when you are feeling low, everyone does need God.

Gospel might be hard to understand especially in the hard condition, but it does help you sail through the obstacles of life. I just know that Jackie Hill-Perry also created music, and Crescendo album was released back in 2018. Gospel themed has been a sub-genre that people are crazed about especially after Jesus is King is out. Not to mention rapper, Chance the Rapper also very open about his faith.

Crescendo is an album with gospel theme, the album consists of 14 songs and I would like to say that the album is cool enough, and I think Crescendo is a proof that form of gospel music could be in any form, and the way for you to reach other people could be different in ways.

For example, some people like me are more connected through music and poetry. Because I feel like some stories at church is being exploited to stories that I personally don’t believe in and sometimes preachers are using the emotional connection without them experiencing the real experience. What I like about Jackie Hill-Perry is that she did experience the struggle and it is relatable and sounds genuine.

Crescendo talked about the obtsacles that Christian could face in life, the first track Lamentations was actually from the book of the bible, Perry discusses the feelings of doubt and guilt, and the reality of emotions that occur when one is losing their grip on both their faith and conviction.

I think Crescendo album tells Jackie Hill-Perry personal struggle, I would say that Crescendo is more a testimonial story, and I would totally recommend this for people who are living at their downtime. Definitely, Crescendo songs are not fitted for your praise and worship, but you are able to spread the gospel through any type of communication ways.

I do love Crescendo though, I think I listened to other people struggle and I think it is important for us as a human being to open up and seek God. Last but not least, I do learn that you could share your personal relationship with God through any form. Also, I believe that being Christian does not mean that you have less fun.

I personally do not have any least favourite song(s) form Crescendo album, I think overall it is a decent album. Please share what do you think about this (Crescendo) on the comment section.

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