Queendom Comeback is offering the artist a great opportunity to hold their own showcase for their upcoming comeback. Got to say that although a lot of people saying that Mnet’s voting is bias, but to be fair Queendom Comeback seems to be the most awaited album to date from a survival show.


As much I am not a fan of Mnet Entertainment, could say that Mnet’s Queendom makes the whole Kpop fandoms crazier. I could say that Queendom making the comebacks of fans favourite artists. I mean Park Bom is putting so much effort throughout the year of 2019, right after Spring, she released 4:44 with Mamamoo’s Wheein.  I mean Queendom’s Preliminary round for the first part, and the second part was amazing as each artist that participating in Queendom need to cover each other songs.


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Moreover, the third part of Queendom was not really exciting for me, except when Park Bom brought Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips. Despite always being in the fifth position throughout Queendom, I could say that the rating was ridiculous. Park Bom is the only solo participant against girl groups. I really appreciate YG for letting Park Bom releasing the song too! Teddy, you are the best, and it reminiscence the YG Family vibes all over again. A lot of fans saying that why Park Bom would bring another ballad song instead of an R&B song, in fact, Eyes, Nose, Lips indeed an R&B song.

To be fair, without Mnet’s Queendom, fans are not getting Park Bom’s third comeback, AOA, Mamamoo, G(I)DLE, Lovelyz and Oh My Girl! unexpected comeback right? But totally amazed with Mnet with their music show, from Show Me the Money, High School Rapper, Produce 101 and now Queendom. I could see why America is now having its own music survival show Rythm and Flow.

Last but not least, I guess I have satisfied with Park Bom’s comeback through Queendom, I think the song is somewhere between R&B music and ballad song. Once again Park Bom worked with Brave Brothers so I could say that the YG vibes are still there. I love Oh My Girl’s Guerilla I think I love the song, it’s fun, and they worked with Caroline Gustavsson that previously worked with the artists like BoA and Shinee.

Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
1. AOA – Sorry 한성호 (Han Seoho), Jimin, Christoper Didrik Thott, Brooke Williams Christoper
2. Lovelyz – Moonlight Fuxxy, VINCENZO, Any Masingga, Anna Timgren VINCENZO, Any Masingga, Fuxxy, Anna Timgren VINCENZO, Any Masingga
3. Park Bom – 되돌릴 수 없는 돌아갈 수 없는 돌아갈 곳 없는 Brave Brothers, Chakun (Electroboyz) Mozaix, Brave Brothers, Chakun (Electroboyz) Mozaix, Alawn
4. Oh My Girl – 게릴라 (Guerilla) Seo Jieum, Mimi Steven Lee, Joe Lawrence, Caroline Gustavsson Steven Lee, Joe Lawrence
5. (G)I-DLE – LION Soyeon Soyeon, Yummy Tone Yummy Tone, Soyeon
6. MAMAMOO – 우린 결국 다시 만날 운명이었지 (Destiny) 김도훈 / Kim Dohoon (RBW), Park Woosang 김도훈 / Kim Dohoon (RBW), Park Woosang 김도훈 / Kim Dohoon (RBW), Park Woosang


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