Jung Jin Hyeong SOAR | 2019

Jung Jin Hyeong SOAR | 2019

Jung Jin Hyeong SOAR

Jung Jin Hyeong SOAR.png

Jung Jin Hyeong from the show MIX AND MATCH is finally going to released his new EP titled SOAR. I previously created a thread about him here, considering that AXIS who signed KATIE posted his photo. But, I don’t think that Jung Jin Hyeong did sign with AXIS, it is a great agency I supposed.


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The EP SOAR is having 6 titles, which I think it’s going to be fun, and looking at someone who is super talented now is going to release their EP it’s a great thing. One thing that I appreciate the most from K-Pop fan is that they are really distinct and their support towards relatively unknown, renown artists are really big. So, this post is going to be updated as soon as I could upload the whole EP SOAR review. K Hip Hop fans are going to love SOAR considering Sik-K is on the song CASH.

2. Bxxch (Feat. THEO) (PROD. GXXD)
3. *Drug=love (Feat. 식케이) (PROD. GXXD)
4. *Addict (PROD. GXXD)
5. Cash (Feat. 식케이) (PROD. GXXD)
6. Emergency (Feat. Ryan Hemsworth) (PROD. GXXD)

I personally love the song Addict, I think it’s something that I would like to listen to, and I personally think that it is sad that actually, Jung Jin Hyeong left YG, I mean he could be one of the best solo artists out there. Jung Jin Hyeong also released few videos for this EP, SOAR. I would totally recommend it for you guys. CASH it is such a dope song by Jung Jin Hyeong and Sik-K, not too sure but I think the EP/Album is being released under YG Plus. Overall I think Soar is a decent released by Jung Jin Hyeong.

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