Joseph Butso Bringing Joy to People

Joseph Butso Bringing Joy

Joseph Butso

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While waiting for Kanye West’s Jesus is King might be super disappointing, you might know Joseph Butso from the show, I Can See Your Voice 3 years ago. Joseph Butso got a soulful voice that impressed anyone on that show and even collaborated with John Park. Joseph Butso came along to South Korea from Ohio, America. He did street busking with songs and prayers for anyone.

Based on KNOCK’s YouTube channel, you could spot Joseph singing with all the impressive covers. I have a tough time these days, I need to get my English test so soon and I did achieve the thing, however, the lack of confidence in my writing part was pulled me down.

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But throughout the journey that I have been asking and praying for, I did get the answer and sometimes I do think that everything needs a process. It might be weird, but every time I have my downtime, I mostly found God is with me. If it is true, Joseph Butso used to have the EP Morning Praise that I also linked down.

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  1. I loved his appearance with John Park, they were so surprised that he could sing like he did. Thanks for including his latest music video.


    1. Thank you, hope you like the other posts too 🙂


  2. Do you know the English name of the song he sang solo on I can see your voice?


    1. Hi there, sorry I don’t.


      1. That’s all right, thanks.


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