Jackson Wang Mirrors | 2019

Jackson Wang Mirrors | 2019

Jackson Wang Mirrors

jackson wang mirrors.jpg

I could say that Jackson Wang is probably the hardest worker artist out there, despite having numerous activities with Got 7, Jackson Wang participated with other activities with 88rising’s Head in the Clouds II and the album Mirrors. The album Mirrors got 8 tracks:

  1. Bullet to the Heart
  2. On the Rocks
  3. DWay!
  4. Unless I’m With You
  5. Bad Back ft Gold Link
  6. Titanic ft Rich Brian
  7. Faded
  8. I Love You 3000 (Chinese Verion)

Asian people are often bein seen not the cool ones, but I think it’s because they lack representation in the media. Despite not being the biggest fan of K-Pop, I could say that Big Bang, BTS, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK are the pinnacle of everyone to think that Asian artists are actually able to smash it.  But I think some people forgot the OG, Teriyaki Boyz who collaborated with artists such as Busta Rhymes, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West when there were no social media.

I really appreciate how JYP is actually letting Jackson exploring his artistry, I think in this case JYP showing transparency for his artist and the fans which is great. One thing that I think we listened to a lot of version of I LOVE YOU 3000 by Stephanie Poetri. Love the song, but I think we need something new. 🙂

But, for this Mirrors album, I am very in love with Bullet to the Heart, I think Jackson really approach it in a very unique and artistic way. I think its also cool that Jackson approaches the fans throughout the world with Chinese Mandarin and English songs.

I think the collaboration between Jackson Wang and Goldlink for this album, I think the song Bad Back is a really fun song to listen to. While the Rich Brian collaboration is a total BOP,  the song Titanic is completely written in English and it showcased both Brian and Wang’s rap, I really love how Jackson approach this project very collaborative with other people. Overall, it is the album that Got7 fans need to check.

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