Good Girl Gone Bad | 2008 Rihanna

Good Girl Gone Bad | 2008 Rihanna

Good Girl Gone Bad | 2008 Rihanna

Good Girl Gone Bad | 2008 Rihanna.jpg

I was in primary 4 when Good Girl Gone Bad by Rihanna was released. Back then I did have MTV at home and was not really familiar on what American music video was like. But re-think about it, I will always be the girl that actually loving R&B and hip-hop music since day 1.

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I guess Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad is one of the best memorable albums of all time. The song, Umbrella and Don’t Stop The Music were technically on every TVs and even today, those songs are still crazy!  I was able and allow to buy albums in 2010s, back then I did have the iPod too, but I prefer CDs and I got Rihanna’s Unapologetic back in 2012.

Somehow, here I am nearly graduating but I fall in love back with Good Girl Gone Bad for no reason. The whole album is technically perfect for girls who just went through unbelievable life, from having a break up with Take A Bow to being strong by Good Girl Gone Bad. Rihanna is the queen of being sassy and I never regret in my life on being her fan.

I think the album Good Girl Gone Bad is also filled with the whole emotion about falling in love at the wrong place with wrong people. But to be fair, I was in love with 2000s R&B, Ne-Yo was great, and I do miss his amazing music. The track Hate That I Love You I think was so cool.

Growing up, and to be able to learn English and able to understand more about the lyrics of the music that I liked when I was younger was the best part that I could thank my parents for. I wrote a review about Good Girl Gone Bad because I do miss the old R&B songs.

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