2019 has been a hard year for YG Entertainment. However, for those who said Papa YG (Yang Hyun Suk) is a liar, should taking back their words. I personally think that Yang Hyun Suk kept his word, despite he is no longer a chairman at the company. WINNER is going to make their another comeback through CROSS, and BLACKPINK is rumoured to be the next.

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Although it’s been a tough year for YG Entertainment, their comebacks seem to be more often with other artists from sub-label like VINCE, Zayvo and Somi are making their debut. But the downside of the trouble caused is anything related to TREASURE 13 are on delayed. But overall, YG Entertainment has been so generous with their artists comeback these days, so without further a due, check out on WINNER’s CROSS EP.

WINNER CROSSWINNER themselves has been busy with their activities from MINO’s solo last year, and they have more comebacks with Millions and WE EP.  Earlier last year it was said that other members are planning to make their solo debut, but here we are going to listen to all members from WINNER finally have their own solo songs in CROSS album.

JINU also making his solo debut through Call Anytime that featured MINO. And through CROSS album, we are finally able to see the duo rappers from WINNER making a duo.

I personally love the comeback of WINNER SOSO from the EP, CROSS. Firstly each member is able to showcase their talents, I personally loving MINO’s rap here I think MINO is able to showcase more of his talent here as well. SOSO is about how sincere you are in someone. CROSS EP is probably the most fierce comeback by WINNER. I am totally very excited for the EP CROSS.

I am also a fan of the song called OMG by WINNER for the CROSS EP, I think WINNER embodies the hip-hop influence with the CROSS EP. I could say that the WINNER is having fun on creating CROSS EP as a whole body. DRESS UP is something that everyone could look for dance music at night.

FLAMENCO which is HOON’s solo song is really interesting, the song was influenced by Latin music like the guitar, I think HOON showing his other side, the vibe is different with MINO’s rap, I could say that HOON displays more vibrant colour, while MINO displays a darker tone. It was exciting to see YOON’s solo on this CROSS EP.

I think he showcased a different side, I thought YOON is going to bring rock song, but it was not. I thought Don’t Be Shy is going to be MINO and HOON duo, but it was not. But I think Don’t Be Shy is actually my favourite from the album and SOSO.

Congratulations for WINNER for the successful comeback, and congratulations for every member who got their solo already.


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