IO Player’s Ballad

IO Player’s Ballad

IO Player’s Ballad

io player's ballad.jpg

Back in June 2019, IO released his album titled Player’s Ballad through Def Jam Records. IO himself is also part of Kandytown, a hip-hop collective based in Japan. What I would say that IO shared a very cool tone for this Player’s Ballad album.

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The album, Player’s Ballad featured Ryohu and Keiju who are part of Kandytown as well. Similar to Neetz’s album Figure Chord where members of Kandytown are taking part of their member’s album. Again, I personally think that IO is really good at building the emotions throughout the album.

I would say that again, Japanese hip-hop is a scene that people are not really familiar with, but I could say that their music is actually showing more into a raw side. What I really appreciate with Japanese hip-hop is because there are certain groups or collective that coming from various different cities apart from Tokyo.

I would say that IO’s choice is not only based on the current beats, but it is something that I would like to listen to all day. The Intro of the album, Player’s Ballad is amazing I think it said well between the Ballad and hip-hop at the same time.

Shawty is clearly the love track here from the album, Player’s Ballad. I am a fan of most of the songs, and I think Player’s Ballad is another decent album. There is also a trap song called Bill, definitely, Bill was not really my favourite as I am not a fan of trap song.

But again, I am totally a fan of the lining of the songs, and how IO put the track Modern/Guilty as the closing, I think it was a smart move to create all the bodywork of the album, Player’s Ballad. I would totally recommend you guys to check out more Japanese hip-hop artists such as IO, Kiano Jones, Neetz, Daichi Yamamoto, KOHH, Loota and many more. Let us know which of Japanese hip-hop artists that you guys are currently listening to, seems that hip-hop reached out a lot of people in this world.

Don’t forget to let us know your favourite song from this album too!

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