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Hi, I have a quick suggestion for you guys, this time is coming from Thailand. F.HERO released the album INTO THE NEW ERA, I think listening to Thai Hip-Hop is similar on how I approach Korean Hip Hop or Japanese Hip Hop.

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F.HERO himself is a totally cool person, he has collaborated with Baby Metal for PA PA YA!! the song combined the Japanese lyrics and Thai rap. So, you will not be disappointed on checking out F.HERO album, INTO THE NEW ERA. The album is going featured other Thailand rappers too.

I think there are different approaches to hip hop music all around the world, even Thailand got their own Show Me the Money. Starting from America, it seems that hip-hop is part of the global’s culture. Since I’m not an expert of Thai music, I just want to show how cool F.HERO in the song ฟักกลิ้ง ฮีโร่ featuring Bam Bam from Got7. INTO THE NEW ERA by F. HERO itself got 32 tracks that’s a lot of songs!

Anyway, Bam Bam is one of the idols from Thailand that also a friend of Lisa BLACKPINK. I never see Bam Bam singing in Thai actually, and to participate in Thai artist is totally new for me. Again, I see JYP is really transparent with all the artists they seem to have more freedom in choosing with the artist that they want to collaborate with. It is similar to what happened with Jackson on having creative activity, not under JYP Entertainment.

The song ฟักกลิ้ง ฮีโร่  from INTO THE NEW ERA is totally fun I guess, it was again not familiar for me listening to Thai music, but it was cool that I really like the vibe of the music despite not understand most of the part. What I learned throughout having the blog is actually listening to music like Portuguese, Arabian, French and even Vietnamese languages. I believe that in music you don’t have to understand 100% of the song. To check out more on my other languages song click here.

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