Figure Chord | Neetz 2019

Figure Chord | Neetz 2019

Figure Chord Neetz

neetz figure chord.jpg

Neetz from Kandytown released his solo album titled Figure Chord, the album consist of 10 songs. The album, Figure Chord also featured artists such as IO, Kiano Jones, MALIYA and Ryohu.  Based on the songs that I’ve listened too, Neetz opted for R&B and hip-hop sounds for the album Figure Chord.

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I think Japanese Hip Hop is a scene that people are not aware of, despite their local artists such as KOHH, Loota and BAD HOP are actually showing the raw side of the Japanese hip-hop industry.

I personally love the collaboration of Neetz with IO on this album, considering they are coming from the same group. The song title is called SYL, I think vibe wise I could say this is the most fun track from Figure Chord. Obviously, I am a fan of Kiano Jones, hence I could not leave the track called Kiano Interlude.

Look at Neetz album, it reminds me of A$AP Rocky‘s album where he also collaborated with some of the A$AP members. Rather than opting for a new vibe of hip-hop music, I could say that Neetz opted for 90s vibes and a little bit raw. Overall, I could say that Figure Chord by Neetz is a decent album to date. The track, Fleeting featuring Maliya is also my favourite.

I could say that from the album, Figure Chord, Neetz is actually building the emotion from the tracks, the album Figure Chord is actually having a balance track between having fun and a love story song. I would recommend Neetz for Daichi Yamamoto fans.


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