everythang’s corrupt ice cube | 2018

everythang’s corrupt ice cube

everythang’s corrupt

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Back in 2018, Ice Cube released his 10th studio album, Everythangs Corrupt. According to HipHopDx, the album Evertythangs Corrupt received 3.6/5 points which I think is a decent score. Ice Cube himself is one of the OGs of hip-hop music in the 90s that shaped today’s hip-hop world. I have to say today’s hip-hop is totally the opposite from the 90s hip-hop.


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Most of the songs are now not really talking about the racism issues, most of them are now all about girls and money. Although the topic of girls and money also part of hip-hop music in the 90s, there is the essence in hip-hop music that talked about racist issues and women empowerment. Not to mention that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are few of artists that talked about racism and police brutality.

I was born in the year 1998, so I have to be honest that listening to 90s hip-hop was not my thing or my forte, but I have to pay respect to artists like 2Pac and Biggie. The 90s hip-hop was amazing, I listened to a few of them where they discuss racism issues and the real struggle of living as a minority.

I really like and appreciate how the artist from the 90s is still striving and get a lot of respect from today’s generation. For this Everythangs Corrupt, it was described on how Ice Cube on the current world situation, from criticising Trump with the track Arrest The President, it was due because of Trump lack of action on tackling issues that affect the black community.

Ice Cube also taking samples for the NWA’s F*ck Tha Police, obviously, the message of this album is related to Police Brutality. I think a lot of people missed that hip-hop music is not only about the “hustle” life that people also putting it as the hedonistic life, but there are deeper meanings to a few songs. Really totally appreciate Ice Cube, it took some time to understand the whole catharsis of hip-hop music. Totally astounded with Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt for making an album that different from current music.

Let us know in the comment section, which of Ice Cube song is your favourite of all time. I learned a lot to appreciate other people and became more aware of racist issues around the world through hip-hop music.

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