S.O.S (Sink or Swim) by Coogie X Sik-K | 2019

S.O.S (Sink or Swim) by Coogie X Sik-K | 2019

S.O.S (Sink or Swim) by Coogie X Sik-K

S.O.S (Sink or Swim)

S.O.S (Sink or Swim) Sik-K Coggie.jpeg

Sik-K and Coogie released a collaborative album titled S.O.S (Sink or Swim), both are amazing rappers from South Korea, it could be clearly seen that both have a lot of fans. Through this S.O.S (Sink or Swim) the album was influenced by hip-hop music and R&B sound.


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I was not mad with the production for S.O.S (Sink or Swim), in fact, I really appreciate it the whole album, it was an ok album for me. I have to say that Two is Everything that featured Giriboy is my favourite song from this album, but overall it was not the album that I am a fan of.

I think the whole vibes of this album is having a girl and making love. Their main song, Wet The Bed is particularly not my favourite, based on why I get, they are trying too hard to look cool. I think most of the hip-hop music is related to sex and sexy girls, but that doesn’t mean that every rapper is actually picturing that.

I can’t lie that the beat for Wet The Bed is eventually really cool and that gravitates me to listen to the whole album of S.O.S (Sink or Swim). But again all I see is that the song is a bit gimmicky if you look at certain artist from Japan like KOHH, he experienced the struggle himself. A reading by Hare S, Baker A 2017, “Keep Keepin’ It Real: Authenticity, Commercialization, and the Media in Korean Hip Hop” is actually discussing the hip-hop community in South Korea. 

And actually, most of the South Korean rappers are not able to address their own identity as an artist. I am not saying that Sik-K and Coogie are bad, but I am just saying that the particular song, Wet The Bed is really stereotyping for me. I still do have a favourite song from S.O.S (Sink or Swim) Two is Everything that I think we all have a different perspective. The freestyle song, h1ghrATM is a really cool one too. 

We all have different opinion I believe, but yeah let me know what do you think about the album S.O.S (Sink or Swim) by Sik-K and Coogie.

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