Rhythm and Flow S1 E5

Rhythm and Flow S1 E5

Rhythm and Flow rhythm + flow

The show Rhythm and Flow is really exciting to me, most of the time Rhythm and Flow reminds me a lot to Show the Money. I personally think that Rhythm and Flow show is the English version of Show Me the Money and Sign Here by AOMG. By far Rhythm and Flow is running through Netflix and they have new episode on every single week. The show is looking for new talents in the rap industry in the USA. Overall, I am a fan of Rhythm and Flow, apart from the format that I like, I don’t have to wait for the long awaiting translation. On this Episode 5 of Rhythm and Flow each contestant will have their cypher round.


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Rhythm and Flow itself got the mentors from the specialist like T.I, Cardi B and Chance the Rapper. I personally think that Rhythm and Flow is actually showing a more genuine show compare to Show Me the Money, Rhythm and Flow also showcasing the underground artist from America as well. Similar to Show Me the Money, not all rappers showed in Rhythm and Flow is an eye-catching artist, but my favourite got to be D Smoke.d smoke rhythm and flow.jpg

There is a difference from American Hip Hop Show and Korean Hip Hop Show, I could say that Korean artists are now having a steady fan base even for the underground artist, while on this Rhythm and Flow Show it was something new for me to see. It was nice to see T.I coming back with TV Show as well, I was about primary one when I first know T.I. back in 2006. The prize money for winning the show is a lot,  $250,000 and a spot on Spotify’s Rap Caviar Live tour.

d smoke rhythm and flow.jpg

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