Rhythm and Flow Album | 2019

Rhythm and Flow Album

Rhythm and Flow Album

Rhytm and Flow Episode 7.jpeg

The contestants of Rhythm and Flow actually able to release their own song on the 7th Episode of the show. Unlike Show Me the Money that most new episode contestants are able to release their own songs, Rhythm and Flow have a slightly different challenge, for example, their music video contest. more of Rhythm and Flow here. I have to say that this show is my current favourite, considering Show Me the Money season 8 just ended.


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Here, on the 7th Episode of Rhythm and Flow fans are able to look at the artistry of the contestants. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. are actually helping their production on their music videos. You could see why D Smoke, Troyman, BigMouf’ Bo and more are on the show. The theme is all about their hometown or something personal to them, so the authenticity is still part of the creative idea.

The song Michelangelo by Caleb Colossus is really cool, he tried to depict the Pieta and other arts by Michelangelo. In terms of the song, it’s something that I would like to listen.

I really admire how Chance the Rapper put inputs on Caleb Colossus filming inside the church as its something that related through Christianity.

BigMouf’ Bo was criticised not to bring enough Chicago to her either lyrics, Capitol Hill and music video and its hard considering Chance the Rapper is one of the judges is from Chicago.

I think again, D Smoke smashed it with Let Migo, he talked about police brutality back in Inglewood. I got to say that D Smoke got the best lyric and the best music video of this competition. Not only he raps in English, but D Smoke also raps in Spanish, but his message on Let Migo is also not only for the African-American community but minorities such as Latina community.

d smoke rhythm and flow

khDDywcS_400x400.jpgAnother song that could be one of the biggest contenders for Rhythm and Flow is Trouble by Flawless Real Talk. Flawless got the flow that most fans are loving at the moment. And I think he is just a cool person, and in terms of his lyrics, he knows what to do with the music industry. I would say the competition will be hard for Flawless and D Smoke.

It seems that hip-hop is taking the music with all of this shows, from Show Me the Money, Sign Here and Rhythm and Flow. Hip-hop is not only about all of the glam, but the authenticity and the real struggle is the key.


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