Daichi Yamamoto Andless | 2019

Daichi Yamamoto Andless

Daichi Yamamoto Andless.pngToday I brought you, Daichi Yamamoto, who released an album titled Andless in 2019. According to his blog, Daichi Yamamoto is from Tokyo with a multicultural background of Japanese and Jamaica, another Japanese musician with a multicultural background that you need to check is Kiano Jones. The album is featured Kid Fresino and Vava. Despite being relatively unknown to the public, I would say that Daichi Yamamoto is definitely the artist that everyone needs to check out.


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There are 3 music videos from Andless by Daichi Yamamoto that might be helpful for those who look upon the translations of the songs. Just want to say that it is really satisfying when you finally able to find music that’s really unique, but they just need more love from the media and the public. Hopefully, you guys would also love the album Andless by Daichi Yamamoto as much as I do.

To be honest with you that I don’t have a particular favourite song from the album Andless, first because there is no information or translation of the song, but I could ensure you that the songs are very well produced. But what I like about this album is that Daichi Yamamoto builds the moods from the song order. I would like to say that Andless is composed of songs that based on the emotion of missing someone, breaking up with their lover and friendships.

I love how the songs are mostly chill and cool, the song She II from the album Andless actually got translations on the video, which I really appreciate it! The song, Let it Be featuring Kid Fresino is so sic! I really love both artists! I could asure you that this album by Daichi Yamamoto won’t disappoint you guys, especially if you love 90s hip-hop vibes.

Also, that’s what I like about this album, Andless, because I think Daichi Yamamoto smashed it without trying too hard to look cool, and you could listen to the beats actually that everything just come naturally. But I also like that the fact Daichi Yamamoto had the songs with chill vibes, hence I think it is very helpful for people who are not familiar with Japanese hip-hop. I got to say that Japanese hip-hop is the scene that is very underrated, but at the same time, their underground artists are just having the best flow, style and artistry.

Let me know what do you think about the album Andless by Daichi Yamamoto in the comment section below! I really appreciate it and recommend me of any rapper of any country for the comment section too. Overall, Andless is a decent album and totally would recommend you to check more on Japanese artist. You could check more of Japanese artists on the Japanese section of the blog too, here.

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