Obviously, it’s been an amazing feeling as Dele Alli fan as he performed so well against Watford. Some people might say it was a match as a “vintage Alli”, here. Well, coming to Tottenham at such a young age, Dele Alli showed how amazing he is as a player, almost scoring on every match, and soon he is the first pick for England national team.

Recently Dele Alli has an injury and didn’t score goals as much as he used to, but I was so happy that he scored the goal yesterday. Moreover, Dele Alli has been snub from the England national team in the last 2 Euro Qualifications, he missed the Bulgarian match where England won 0-6.

But, hopefully with his performance is keeping on getting better, Gareth Southgate might calling him back to the England national team. Obviously, I am an England fan, but at the same time, I am a Liverpool fan. Just to say that Premier League is a hard league to date.

Michee got a song for Tottenham titled Letter to Spurs, and check it out! Really happy for Dele Alli to come back!


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