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Andy Cole, a former Manchester United player got a song titled Outstanding. This song, Outstanding released at the year 1999 while Andy Cole still having his career at Old Trafford. This song, Outstanding was made right after Manchester United won the treble.

This season, Manchester United has a tough season not to mentioned that they are having pressure and it’s also being mentioned by Financial Times. Lyric wise, probably Andy Cole’s raps on Outstanding are not that bad, but it was not the song that I would like to listen to. I could say that Outstanding is better than John Barnes‘ rap. I got to say that if only Andy Cole is present in the current league, he could collaborate with Memphis Depay.

This Outstanding song was originally performed by The Gap Band and the song itself also being sampled for songs such as 911 /Mr Lonely” by Tyler, the Creator feat. Steve LacyFrank Ocean, and Anna of the North (2017), Come Up” by G-Unit (2014) and Da B Side” by Da Brat feat. Notorious B.I.G. and Jermaine Dupri.

Last but not least, go for  Manchester United for the rest of the season! Hopefully, they can make it up too.

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