End of Semester Playlist

End of Semester Playlist


I guys I would like to share my playlists as I am approaching my end of the semester. As university students, I would like to say that I experienced everything from the top to the lowest time.

I would like to thank numerous people, my teacher Ali Tehrani, Sebastian, David Teh, Illiya Ananiev, Sharon Maleki and Khrisna Dhermawan who thought me throughout my time as an RMIT Student Bachelor Degree at RMIT University.

I would like to thank all my favourite members Hywot, Daniel Vien, Sam, Robin, Patrick, Anthony and Harry for being my groupmates. It was nice to know you guys. It was fun to listen to all of your opinion and your funny action guys!


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YouTube class is probably my most favourite class ever, and it was nice to make our own music video. I could not thank much to the teacher, so since I am not going to have my speech during graduation if you do read my writing, please do read it guys.

I would like to say that I may not the smartest person in the room, but at least thank you for at least help me and listened to me even my opinion was not that matter. To be honest I was not ready to get into the new chapter.

Working life might be the greatest fear that I am going to experience, or maybe even pursuing another study. So to put it short I create playlists from 50 Cent, BLACKPINK, NIKI, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

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