Audrey Tapiheru Daisy | 2019

Audrey Tapiheru Daisy | 2019

Audrey Tapiheru Daisy

Audrey Tapiheru Daisy.jpg

Audrey Tapiheru is another singer from Indonesia that you might want to listen to. Recently Audrey Tapiheru released Daisy. A song that Audrey learned to love herself. The lyrics of Daisy by Audrey Tapiheru could be found in Audrey Tapiheru herself is a member of the trio GAC, who recently decided to be on hiatus. Despite the song, Daisy is being described as pop music, but there is a little bit hint of R&B influence into the song.

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Self-love is a huge topic in the Millenials world, a lot of kids or even older people are not able to love themselves as who they are. In fact, a lot of people are falling depressed because of it. Loving yourself is different from being selfish, self-love is when we are able to accept ourselves both it’s a positive and negative way.

The song Daisy is completely written by Audrey Tapiheru herself. The song Daisy also represents the humbleness and happiness that she could give to other people. I would like to recommend other Indonesian artists here. Moreover, definitely, you need to check up for Audrey’s next releases.

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