Ama Lou DDD | 2018

Ama Lou DDD | 2018

Ama Lou DDD

Ama Lou DDD | 2018.jpg

Ama Lou is another amazing talent from the UK, last 2018 Ama Lou released her EP DDD which got 3 songs; Tried Up, Wrong Lesson and Wire. I would like to say that I accidentally crossed Ama Lou through YouTube and I was just amazed by her song instantly.

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At such a young age, Ama Lou is able to capture the R&B scene in the world through DDD EP. According to Genius that DDD is 3 part of films of her songs from DDD EP and everything was produced by Ama Lou herself. Not only creating the film, Ama Lou able to create a character throughout her songs. As in DDD EP, Ama Lou explained how her experience, when people are turned against her at school.

I would like to recommend her for everyone, especially if you are a fan of Jorja Smith, I am actually still waiting for her album release, DDD was great, and with her newest release, Northside it showed how much Ama Lou has grown as an artist.

I really love the R&B and hip-hop that she created, would like to say that it was similar to early 2000s R&B and I love the way she has fun with her artistry. Northside itself is a song where Ama Lou talked about her way on the music industry. But before you checked out her Northside song, you need to check out the EP, DDD.


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