Kanye West Simulation Baptize and Last Name | 2019

Kanye West Simulation Baptize and Last Name

Kanye West Simulation Baptize and Last Name


In recent times, Kanye West is familiar with the media exposure, and recently after he stated that he will be focusing on gospel music. 2 of Kanye West songs are leaked online through SoundCloud. These songs are Simulation Baptize and Last Name. The two tracks by Kanye West also featured artists like A$AP Rocky Pardison Fontaine and Ant Clemons.

While the track Simulation Baptized might be sounded holistic music, but Simulation Baptize is far from the word gospel. The lyrics of Simulation Baptize that featured a guest, A$AP Rocky goes as follows  “she pull the foreskin back, back like it’s edible,”. Which clearly it doesn’t sound like a gospel song at all.


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While Last Name featuring Ant Clemons is aesthetically sounded to the upcoming album, Jesus Is King. According to Highsnobiety, Simulation Baptize is more into a Yandhi style. Kanye West is totally unpredictable, at times he sounded like he is a nice person, but at the same time, people are not really forgetting the Taylor Swift moment. Kanye West himself also known to be one of the most hated celebrity, but at the same time, Kanye West is also the trendsetter. The example is very clear, the Yeezy shoes that are selling so fast.

Kanye West.gif

Kanye might be very open about his faith and Christianity, and Jesus is King is not the first project that he cooperates with Christian vibes. You could see at the Genius video that Kanye has a long journey about his faith. Moreover, I am still asking the people, are you guys looking for Kanye or God during the Sunday service?

For example in the track, See Me Now Kanye put out his point of view from God perspective and him as the great rapper. I am here and not being a Kanye hater, as I am loving his music. But to be honestly speaking as Christian myself, if I got the chance to come over to Kanye Sunday Service, I am going to look for Kanye.  What I want to say is that there are conflicting things that are happening regarding this album (Jesus is King). However, it really up to you guys, and once again I am not a Kanye hater.

Overall it has been said that Kanye West’s Jesus is King is coming soon.



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