the sound experiment Samm Henshaw | 2015

Samm Henshaw The Sound Experiment

the sound experiment by Samm Henshaw

the sound experiment samm henshaw.jpg

Back in 2018, I picked out Hot Picked that mentioned Samm Henshaw inside it. However, it turns out that a post on Instagram suggested Samm Henshaw as one of the artists that everyone should be looking forward.

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So I am looking at Samm Henshaw’s previous EP title The Sound Experiment that was released back in 2015. The EP The Sound Experiment doesn’t have any music video to show, but I personally think that it is worth to listen to.

Don’t be to confuse with my blog, it’s not always updating over the new music, but also older songs that deserve more. I personally love this EP, The Sound Experiment. I would say that Samm Henshaw really has such a strong and soulful voice, he has collaborated with other UK based artists as well.

I would like to say that Temptation and Everything is my favourites from the EP, The Sound Experiment. I personally thought that Temptation is based on false love, while Everything is more into a resolution towards ourselves. Overall I would say that this EP is such a decent EP!


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