Samm Henshaw the sound experiment 2

Samm Henshaw the sound experiment 2

the sound experiment 2

samm henshaw the sound experiment 2.jpeg

A year after the released of The Sound Experiment in 2015, Samm Henshaw released the EP The Sound Experiment 2 in 2016. Beforehand, I would like to recommend Kojey Radical, who I think also smashing in music.

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Moving on, for The Sound Experiment 2 we got music videos for Our Love and Night Calls, which I think also help the fans to have the visual ideas of his artistry. I would say that The Sound Experiment 2 and the first EP, The Sound Experiment shares the same vulnerability of Samm Henshaw.


I think Samm Henshaw’s songs are perfect for your chill time, and I think the songs are perfect for your dinner time music. I really love most of the songs from The Sound Experiment 2, I think Samm Henshaw really experiment things with the EPs of The Sound Experiment series.

Not only having a soul and R&B music, but Samm Henshaw also having a venture with hip-hop music with Wretch 32 for the song Doubt and Earthgang for the song Church. Although his last two EPs are amazing, we can’t forget Broke that break the internet. Anyways I am hoping that Samm Henshaw is not only releasing singles but EP or an album soon. Broke is not part of the EP, The Sound Experiment 2.


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