Sulli Goblin | 2019

Sulli Goblin | 2019

Sulli Goblin

Sulli EP Goblin, 2019

Sulli reportedly passed away as reports said.

sulli goblin.jpg

Sulli released her EP, Goblin back in June 2019, and by 14 October 2019 Sulli reportedly passed away. Sulli is an amazingly talented artist from SM Entertainment, Sulli’s dead is really such heartbroken news for SM Entertainment’s fans following Jonghyun’s death back in 2017. Jonghyun late posthumous released was Poet in 2018.

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Sulli debuted with F(x) in 2009 and departed from F(x) in 2015. She also featured in Dean’s Dayfly in 2018. Goblin is technically her debut as a solo as a singer in 2019, yet it’s truly heartbreaking to see her go at the age of 25. fx-6 Sulli.jpg

Admittedly, being in the K-Pop industry is tough condition for both physical and emotionally. Especially when the artists have to deal with the public point of views and the demand that they created.

For me, Sulli is an incredible artist, the fans are able to see by the production of Goblin that showed Sulli is a talented singer and songstress. It is sad to see an amazing artist have to pass. I personally like her art especially the vibes that she shared through Goblin EP. I personally think that Goblin by Sulli shares a deep emotion and dreamy feels. Sulli Goblin.png

However, Sulli also continuously getting hated by the fans through social media, which I think is such a bully that everyone should stop despite Sulli is a celebrity. But, from the Goblin’s lyrics, you could see how vulnerable she is as a person. Even from the track On The Moon from the Goblin EP, Sulli sounded that she has a hard life. I mean, from the outside a celebrity or an artist might seem happy, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is able to say something bad about them. The fact that celebrity is also a human.

Just wanted to say, despite I’m late to review the EP Goblin by Sulli, I think it’s still an incredible piece, and you will be remembered Sulli!

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