RAD Museum Scene EP | 2017

RAD Museum Scene EP | 2017

RAD Museum Scene

rad museum scene.jpg

Just in case you guys are wondering who is Rad Museum is, you guys are not alone. He is DEAN’s friend. But apparently I thought that he is only a producer, but I’m wrong. As I found it from INDIE that he is an R&B singer that also fused hip-hop music. RAD MUSEUM is also known as Camper.


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So I decided to look upon Scene, an EP by Rad Museum that was released back in 2017. The Scene EP is based on 7 songs. Other artists that you could find through RAD Museum’s Scene EP is Colde, Punchnello and DEAN.

“It is a combination of the words ‘rad’ and ‘museum’,” he explains the meaning behind his moniker. “In museums, you find lots of different types of exhibits and artwork. Similarly, I like to express myself through multiple forms of art and don’t use just one form of artistic expression.” – RAD MUSEUM on INDIE

RAD MUSEUM SCENEI just think that everyone that listened to this Scene EP must have a good time enjoying the whole song without needing to understand the whole words. However, it is my personal opinion. I am trying as much as I can to not commenting badly on a body of artwork as I know how hard it is to make a piece of art.

Tracks that I think might be your favourites as well are Dancing in the Rain, MADKID and Tiny Little Boy.

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