MOON Day n Night | 2019

MOON Day n Night

MOON Day n Night

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MOON is a South Korean R&B singer, she previously released Million alongside Dok2, MOON is part of Million Market that also part of SM Entertainment. I which I must miss it out. Million Market is the house for FANXY CHILD‘s Penomeco, Suran and Chancellor. 

But in 2019, MOON released DAY N NIGHT that also featuring Sik K. There are two tracks from this little EP, NOW and DAY N NIGHT. There is no music video for this lovely EP, but MOON’s voice is really unique.

By far MOON released 3 tracks, hoping that MOON will able to release more after Day n Night. While Now is a chilling track, Day N Night is more an exciting song due to Sik K’s rap. Sik K himself is very popular in South Korea, due to his musical style that gains so much attention from younger people. So, overall please check this out!


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