Color of Rothy by Rothy | 2019

Color of Rothy by Rothy | 2019

Color of Rothy by Rothy

color of rothy.png

Rothy is a South Korean singer who released her EP last May 2019. Rothy also part of the soundtrack Secretary Kim along with Pentagon’s Jinho. Rothy released the EP Color of Rothy, which I think is a decent released.

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I think in my opinion Rothy is a bit underrated artist with a huge talent, a lot of the comments said that she looks like IU, or even Solar from Mamamoo. But I could assure you that Rothy is different from all the artists above, as every artist got their uniqueness. I personally love the EP Color of Rothy.

Color of Rothy is a debut EP and I think Rothy really fits the today’s K-Pop sounds. Most of the songs from Color of Rothy composed of R&B songs that most people are currently in love with. Despite all her talents, she really cute Personality-wise she looks such a nice person too in Running Man here.

BEE is the main track for the EP, which I think it’s a really nice song and its very listening for everyone, I would like to suggest it to BIBI’s fan. But from the four songs from the EP Color of Rothy, Beautiful Days and Temperature are my other favourites. I really recommend Rothy for you guys!


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