Xavier Wulf Tokyo Drift 2019

Xavier Wulf Tokyo Drift 2019

xavier wulf tokyo drift.jpg

Xavier Wulf released the Tokyo Drift remix. I think it is such a cool movement to see a song that was released from the early 2000s now is coming back.  Xavier Wulf released it through his SoundCloud account.


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Tokyo Drift itself is an original song brought by Teriyaki Boyz, so far Teriyaki Boyz got 2 albums, Serious Japanese and Beef or Chicken. Teriyaki Boyz themselves have collaborated with artists like Kanye West, Busta Rhymes and Kanye West before the trend East meets the West is bigger as now.

However, Xavier Wulf himself seems to be a fan of Japanese hip-hop as well, considering his album East Memphis Maniac, featured KOHH. It seems that globalization is truly happening, not just in business but in music as well.

But one thing that you can pick up from Xavier Wulf Tokyo Drift remix is that the appreciation of a different culture. I think it’s an amazing thing for Xavier Wulf to get an inspiration from Asian artist like Teriyaki Boyz. In fact, for me, Teriyaki Boyz is one of the OG to make the East meets West trend.

I really hope that right after Xavier Wulf’s Tokyo Drift, he will release more tracks in the future with Asian artists!

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