Super M | 2019

Super M | 2019

Super M by Super M

SuperM | 2019 .jpg

SUPER M is a new sub-group from SM-Entertainment who recently debuted on the United States. It is interesting to see them released their debut in the States before South Korea. Their titled main track is Jopping, but let’s discuss this group according to my point of view. For the record, Super M released the EP based on the same name.

I rarely review artists from other agencies other than YG Entertainment, simply because I feel like YG Entertainment’s music are more into my type. In fact, what I really appreciate from YG Entertainment is that they are mostly working through their South Korean in-house producers.

But before all Super M are commenting me as a hater of SM Entertainment, I really love EXO’s sub-group EXO-SC. Simply because I think EXO-SC is more into a vibe, and more genuine/true. I personally think that SM just tries to hard to make another group. Apparently, SM has an amazing group like Super Junior, Shinee and EXO. I don’t see they need to debut another group.

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However, we can’t deny how big is K-Pop at the moment, especially since the breakout of BigBang followed by 2NE1 and now BTS and Blackpink are breaking into the world. I think each agency see this opportunity to gain higher revenue.

Super M EP.jpegSo based on the songs that I’ve listened, most of Super M’s songs are influenced by hip-hop music. They are labelled as the K-Pop Avengers, but I personally think that the term of K-Pop Avengers is overly used. Firstly, because I think that every K-Pop groups are actually avengers. As all K-Pop groups have their own colours. 

I think their music is okay, to be honest, is not making me going crazy or giving me different feels of K-Pop music. It could be because of SM Entertainment relatively really fast at making comebacks. And what I see from the pattern is that they work with Western producers that in-charge with their K-Pop groups.

I think that Super M EP is okay, but it’s not crazy…sorry guys! What a Life by EXO-SC is a win EP from SM Entertainment for me.

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