SoulJa Letters 2010

SoulJa Letters 2010

SoulJa Letters

soulja letters 2010.jpeg

SoulJa is a Japanese rapper who has been collaborated with many artists including Thelma Aoyama and  Miho Karasawa. In 2010, SoulJa released the album titled Letters which cover 13 songs to date! Despite not understanding Japanese at all, I think his voice is still enjoyable.

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  1. Hanasanaide yo feat. Aoyama Thelma (はなさないでよ; Don’t Let Go)
  2. Way to Love ~Saigo no Koi~ feat. Karasawa Miho (Way to Love ~最後の恋~; Last Love)
  3. Gekkou ~GOD’S CHILD~ feat. Onitsuka Chihiro (月光; Moonbeam)
  4. Umaku Kotoba ni Dekinai Keredo feat. Kayama Saki (うまく言葉にできないけれど; I Can’t Say It Well, But…)
  5. Beautiful day feat. Odo Asuka
  6. Breathless
  7. tsubasa (Wings)
  8. Itsudatte (いつだって; Always)
  9. Missing you feat. Toriyama Eri
  10. Shine
  11. What’s Love? feat. SoulJa (SKELT 8 BANBINO) (Limited Edition Only)
  12. 2111 ~Kako to Mirai de Warau Kodomo Tachi e~ (2111 ~過去と未来で笑う子供達へ~) (UNDER GRAPH x SoulJa) (Limited Edition Only)
  13. be alive ~Sono Mama no Kimi de Ite~ feat. SoulJa (be alive ~そのままの君でいて~; Please Be As You Were(Koyanagi Yuki) (Limited Edition Only)

What I could pick based on the two songs that are my favourites Don’ Let Go and Way to Love; Last Love I can conclude that the songs brought by SoulJa are about longing someone. In fact, PENTAGON’s members 홍석(HONGSEOK) & 유토(YUTO) got to cover the song はなさないでよ; Don’t Let Go. If you would like to listen to the cover, they are here, but I think I would like to the original version.

The other song from Letters that I would like to recommend for you guys is called Missing You. I was trying to link all the Spotify’s links, but the links won’t show up here, in Australia. So if you are able to access the album Letters by SoulJa stream it guys.

Last but not least, I really think Japan will find its way to reach their music at its finest!

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