Sign Here Episode 3 Album

AOMG- Sign Here Episode 3 Album

Sign Here Episode 3

Despite Show Me the Money has been such a successful show for Korean Hip-Hop industry, they need to look forward on Sign Here by AOMG. Recently Sign Here released their Sign Here Episode 3 that composed of 7 songs!

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If you haven’t seen the other review for the first, and second episodes they are also linked! The thing is, Sign Here Episode 3 is up on Spotify, while the second episode of Sign Here is still not available on the streaming platform.

Sign Here Episode 3Overall, each episode I think Sign Here over things that are always different, and I think they will be able to reach the US markets. AOMG artists like Hoody was participating with the show for the track Lullaby.

Big Dream by Sogumm is also very dreamy, she got such a unique voice that I think is really captivating the audiences, and PH-1’s rap compliments her voice.

NiiHwa is still my favourite by far, he also parts on the last song with SAAY. I think NiiHwa’s soulful voice is different from other contestants. Personally, I think it’s been great with South Korean’s Hip-Hop show, but I’m also looking forward to Rhythm and Flow hip-hop show that based in the U.S with coaches like Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper!

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