RiRi Luv Luv ft Junoflo | 2019

RiRi Luv Luv ft Junoflo

RiRi Luv Luv

riri juno flo.jpg

RiRi is one of my current favourite Japanese singers. Her voice is really brilliant and I personally think that her music type fits with the younger generations. Riri released Luv Luv that featured Junoflo. I personally think that Luv Luv by Riri and Junoflo is such a great combination that anyone should listen to!


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Junoflo himself is a South Korean rapper that rose to fame due to Show Me the Money. Riri herself worked the lyrics with Hoody from AOMG and Junoflo himself. So for those commented that J-Pop fans and K-Pop fans are not able to meet up, well you guys are wrong. Luv Luv got two versions, the Japanese version and the Korean version, both are amazing!

As an Asian, it is really important on how artists or anyone from Asia got respected or acknowledged throughout the world. It’s been amazing with artists from the 88rising are now making it, so it could be making an example for young Asian kids who have dreams of becoming an artist in the future.

So yeah, I think that Riri, Junoflo and Hoody are proofing it that K-Pop and J-Pop are able to create such a strong force to bring the Asian music industry bigger. I think Luv Luv is an amazing R&B song to listen during summer!

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