M-Flo ft J. Balvin Human Lost | 2019

M-Flo ft J. Balvin Human Lost | 2019

M-Flo Human Lost

M-Flo ft J. Balvin Human Lost | 2019.jpeg

The group M-Flo recently released their newest song called Human Lost featuring J. Balvin. There is an element of EDM and hip-hop from this Human Lost song. J. Balvin showed his rap in Spanish while Verbal showed his raps in Japanese and English.


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I really think that the group has such an amazingly creative idea. The video was released on 11 October 2019 in the formed of anime style, if you remember Linkin Park and 2NE1 also did a similar music video by having animated characters as their music video.

The today the music industry has changed a lot, everything is solely based on views and the pretty faces in front of the camera. But I mean, everyone is beautiful with their own ways, so yup creativity is more important I guess.

I would say although I am a fan of M-Flo and the song Human Lost, I just preferred their older songs with more R&B fused to it, but I’m more than happy to see Human Lost by M-Flo and J.Balvin. Sadly, not all the fans are highlighting this amazing collaboration!

There are numbers of Japanese musicians that have been collaborated with Western artists, let’s say PKCZ and Teriyaki Boyz. Anyway, Human Lost has two different versions, the Japanese and Spanish version.

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