Deen Squad

Deen Squad

Deen Squad

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I was about to introduce Deen Squad to everybody, but sadly it seems that they are not composed of their original members, Karter Zaher and Jae Deen. It was Noisey that introduced me to Deen Squad.

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What makes Deen Squad different from any other duos is that they are not talking about money, alcohol and anything related to sexy girls. Deen Squad is a Muslim hip-hop duo which I think is super cool. Previously I have talked about Mona Haydar and Neelam here.

Most of their tracks are talking about how they have such a life-changing life, and it’s all about positivity from Deen Squad. Both Karter Zaher and Jae Deen are not making any political songs, but I think it’s all preference as both talk about peace. Even if Deen Squad is making songs about girls, it’s all about the girls based on their religion type point of view.

Deen Squad makes covers from famous artists like Drake, Maroon 5 and Tupac by making changes from the original lyrics. I was amazed by their cover on Tupac’s Changes that talked about how we should care about depression.

But again nothing last for forever, it seems that they are not around anymore, it is based on Karter Zaher explanation here, but wish they are coming back!


Deen Squad’s music 

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