Chungha Flourishing | 2019

Chungha Flourishing | 2019

Chungha Flourishing

Flourishing Chungha.png

I know it’s a bit late to give a go for Chungha’s Flourishing EP! But the main reason is that this is my last semester at the university, and life is just hard. The things that seem to be your hobbies now need to be reduced to fits all the schedule.

But, here we are with Chungha’s Flourishing. For Flourishing, Chungha’s main track is Snapping, and I think she just snapped. I personally think that despite she is coming from a smaller company compared to YG Entertainment, Chungha‘s skills are amazing.

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I could say that Chungha is able to sing, dance and even rapping. For Flourishing EP, Chungha got to show off her rapping for the track called Flourishing, which it’s a full track in English.

Chungha Snapping_Flourishing.gif

So to be said that I’m in love for the track Snapping and Flourishing. To be honest with everyone that it’s amazing to see Chungha participated in all the songs for Flourishing EP. I wonder if in the future she is working with TEDDY from YG Entertainment, as previously Sunmi (EX Wonder Girls) worked with TEDDY for at least 2 tracks.

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