Chance the Rapper The Big Day | 2019

The Big Day

The Big Day by Chance the Rapper

chance the rapper the big day.jpg

In 2019, Chance The Rapper released his album titled The Big Day. If Coloring Book seems to be religious or gospelly sounds, then The Big Day offers you a different sound of Chance the Rapper.

I have been wanting to review The Big Day for a long time, but it’s just life has been so busy. Thank you for staying for my blog and reading it. As it said by Genius that Chance The Rapper raps about his wife and his family. The Big Day is more into a family-themed album and still, it’s around the personal-themed that he has been famous for.

Despite that, The Big Day is apparently Chance the Rapper’s debut album which I think might surprise everyone including me. I really thought that the album is really amazing though, it really fits Chance the Rapper’s personality who seems to be a happy guy!

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This, album (The Big Day) also featured other artists like Shawn Mendes, Ari Lennox, MadeinTYO and Gucci Mane. They still have many more artists that you need to check it out. I think that The Big Day showed that Chance the Rapper is a different rapper, who is not only talking about how life the hard is but also taking the blessings, for example, the song Handsome.

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